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shop is a US-based publisher founded by professional scale modeler Michael Rinaldi in 2012. RSP produces scale modeling how-to guide books with a focus on the painting and weathering. Each of our titles are filled with efficient techniques to create realistic effects, combined with study of historical references, adding in a hint of artistic license to produce original projects.

Every RSP book is written with our signature dual-text format discussing the How and the Why of each step, accompanied by great photography in clear layouts in order to tell a complete story for each project.


TANKART - The series that started it all, covering AFV modeling from WWII to the Modern armor era. Each TA book showcases technique chapters followed by multiple models, all wrapped with Lay-Flat binding helping to become a usable tool on your workbench for each project.

SM Series (Single Model) -- an entirely new approach to hobby publications featuring any genre - any scale. The SM Series is the latest series illustrating the focused RSP approach to scale modeling. All subjects are welcome within these books, with unprecedented coverage inside from start-to-finish. 

TG Series (Technique Guide) are designed to discuss the best approach to maximize a specific technique for your skillset. These will be our standard for guide books to learn how to correctly apply each technique via the same combination of images and dual-text format. Coming soon!


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