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RinaldiStudiopress is a US-based publisher founded by professional scale modeler Michael Rinaldi in 2012. RSp produces high-quality scale modeling how-to guide books with a strong focus on the painting and weathering of scale miniatures. Each book is filled with highly efficient techniques to create realistic effects, combined by historical references with a hint of artistic license to produce original projects. Every title is written in our hobby pioneering dual-text format discussing both the How and the Why of each step, accompanied by great photography + graphic design providing the most complete picture for each project.


TANKART series started it all, and covers AFV modeling from WWII to the Modern armor era. Each book is standardized at 288-pages covering multiple projects inside, incorporating a special Lay-Flat binding that allows each book to stay open on your workbench as a reference tool. TA books are the ultimate hobby learning product designed to specifically improve your own modeling.

SM Series (Single Model) -- an entirely new approach to hobby books, featuring "any genre - any scale", is the latest series illustrating the unique RSp approach to scale models. All models are welcome with the new SM books, and no other publisher goes to such lengths as the SM Series do to cover each model inside from start-to-finish. 

New for 2021 -- 
TG Series (Technique Guide), which are designed to discuss all the ways in which to maximize a specific technique for your own scale model projects. These will be the future guide book standard to learn how to correctly apply each technique for maximum scale effect. Coming soon!

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