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US ISBN 978-0-9883363-8-4


TG01/02 - Update June 21 - TG01 printing target start date in July. Will notify when underway.

*Final days of pre-order sale price.

Note: TG.02 will begin printing towards the end of TG.01 printing in back-to-back print runs.


All Pre-Orders are secure. 

TG.02 OIL PAINT RENDERING is the second title coming in the TG Series (Technqiue Guide) is designed to teach all of the necessary skills to maximize the use of RSP's original technique for weathering scale models.

It will discuss the processes at length via photos and our dual-text format of the How and the Why for each step.

The goal of TG.02 is to showcase the inherent power and overall capabilities with our signature realistic weathering process, OPR. Most of the models covered in TG.01 will continue inside TG.02 for a linear educational process from chipping through to the OPR weathering.


TG.02 Specs:
6" x 6"



Perfect bound, rounded corners

2024 Update: Contents compilation of approx. 15-20 armor, aircraft, civilian (road & RR) + mecha models. QR code videos are provided (est. 40+ videos, approx 10hrs of tutorials)* Images are a portion of the models included (note, some may change upon release)

TG.02 Oil Paint Rendering (Pre-Order)

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$23.00Sale Price
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