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RSP Policies & FAQ

Digital Download Policy

Beginning March 1, 2020 RSP will offer PDF files available for download and use by the site user. All material, images, text, layout, information, is the copyright ownership of RSP authors and owners.


Digital downloads noted as free content are available for open public use, and digital material paid for on this website copyright protected are for private use only, and not to be publicly distributed. All legal penalties and consequences for such actions with be thoroughly pursued in accordance with the US and International copyright protection laws. 

Refund Policy

Beginning March 1, 2020 all paid pre-orders received on or after March 1 are non-refundable.


Refunds will not be processed for production, printing or shipping delays.

Refunds will be only be processed in the case of severe product damage from shipping or binding malfunction, and/or the original products cannot be replaced with the same or agreed to similar products.

Minor shipping damage is not qualification for a product refund. We will do our best to replace the item if this proves the best solution, or we will offer a partial refund, or future discount of 10% off the cover price of a similar item.

RSP will maintain this policy until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following commonly asked questions in regards to ordering RSP publications. If these questions do not solve your issue, please email us directly at We try to respond swiftly to make your purchase experience as smooth as possible. Thank you!


How long does it take to process an order?

Process and handling times can vary, typically we ship once a week for all regular US and International orders. Be aware potential delays can happen from pandemic protocols or international issues outside of our control, including the time taken by country's custom service to clear an incoming parcel. Typically, most orders are processed the same week or the next depending on when we receive it and we contract with the best carrier services available per region and country..


What about international orders and customs, how long does it take to arrive?

RSP ships to most countries that operate a regular and reliable postal system. Costs are determined by the shipping carrier, and we do not send orders as "Gifts". Your country's customs determines how fast it arrives once it is received. Typically, orders arrive in 10-21 business days, however, some deliveries can take weeks longer due to any number of global events and resulting protocols.


The order is taking weeks to arrive to my location. Why?

International customs is the single biggest obstacle to fast shipping, and now with global pandemic protocols slowing transportation down further, we recommend please be patient. Typical delivery of an order is approximately 10-21 days via overseas carriers. Once your postal customs receives it, the time to delivery will vary depending on how fast they can process it. RSP does not have any control, or influence, over that process. However, most small parcels are usually cleared by customs in a timely manner of a week or so, and we rarely see major delays (unless noted by your country's policy, such as border closures, etc).


What if I have a question about the material in the books? Whom can I contact?

If you have any questions about the books themselves, the material and processes discussed inside the books, please do not hesitate to email us at We will try to respond quickly and completely. Our time is limited, but we are here to help in any way possible. Thank you!

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