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TANKART 3 Modern Armor

ISBN 978-0-9883363-3-9


TANKART 3 Modern Armor focuses on post-WWII Modern Armor AFV subject matter. The title discusses at length how best to utilize the Hair Spray Technique (HS), Oil Paint Rendering (OPR), plus Pigment Applications, followed by chapters on specific models listed below.

Each chapter combines photos and our dual-text format on the How & Why of each process, for a layered approach that tells the complete story of each model.


TA3 Specs:
8.5" x 9.5" 



Lay-Flat binding


Inside TA3:

Hair Spray Chipping

Oil Paint Rendering (OPR)

Pigment Application

1/35 D9R Armored Dozer (USMC)

1/35 T-62M1 MBT (Afghan/Russian)

1/35 AMX-30B MBT (French),

1/35 FV221 Caernarvon prototype (UK)

1/35 T-72B MBT (Russian)

1/35 Iraqi MTLB (Iraqi/Russian) special guest author chapter by Andy Taylor

TANKART 3 Modern Armor

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