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"This book is a must have -- if you are into weathering your models and most certainly if you are a fan of Allied armor. Hands down Michael Rinaldi’s work is an essential addition to anyone’s workbench or personal library!"

TA2 - Todd Michalak (


"Along with its 2 predecessor volumes, TANKART 3 sets the standard for armor finishing references, and thus I highly recommend it to armor modelers of all skill levels. For the beginning, intermediate and advanced builder, it provides inspiration and a clear path for improving skills and techniques to achieve higher levels of realism. As with TA1 and TA2, TA3 will be sitting open on my workbench during the next applicable project."

TA3 - Dave Koukol (IPMS, USA)

"This is a thoughtful and involved book, which more than takes up the mantle from the series so far. In fact, it’s my new favourite of this series and I can see modellers of all genres learning something from this man and his work in print and plastic.

TA4 - Adam Norenberg (The Modelling News)

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