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ISBN 978-0-9883363-5-3


SM.02 S-65 City Tractor features a civilian-based model created from the 1/35 Trumpeter Stalinetz S-65 Russian Army tractor kit, with a finish that is designed to explore other realms of possibilities. This project illustrates how a city owned operator might have utilized this one-time military tractor. The finish was heavily influenced by the many worn-out city tractors seen in the great Pacific Northwest, utilizing all the bes techniques from the workbench of RSP.

No other single book teaches these finishing processes to a higher level of learning with complete How & Why text format supporting our hi-res photography displayed with clean contemporary graphics.


SM.02 Specs:
6.5" x 7.5"

15 Chapters covering all aspects of testing, the build into paint, followed by the complete weathering processes
Includes Quick Ref Step-by-Step Guide 

Softcover, Linen Stock

Perfect bound

SM.02 S-65 City Tractor

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