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TANKART 4 German Armor (2nd Ed)

ISBN 978-0-9883363-4-6


TANKART 4 German Armor focuses on German WWII AFV subject matter. The title discusses at length how best to utilize Hair Spray Technique (HS), Oil Paint Rendering (OPR) discussed via a comprehensive Technique Profiency chapter, followed by chapters on specific models listed below.


Each chapter combines photos and our dual-text format on the How & Why of every process, via a layered approach that tells the complete story of each model.


TA4 Specs:

8.5" x 9.5" 



Lay-Flat binding

Inside TA4:

Technique Proficiency 

Winter Whitewash (1/72, 1/48, & 1/35)
1/35 Tiger II (Prod Turret w/zimmerit)

1/35 SdKfz 138/1 Grille Ausf M (hard-edge 3-tone)

1/35 Sturm 33B (Winter Panzer Grey)

1/35 SdKfz 164 Nashorn (Disc Camo)
Special guest author chapter by Mario Eens and his Buetepanzer Char B1 bis.

TANKART 4 German Armor

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