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US ISBN: 978-1-7372591-2-1


SM.04 - Update Feb 1 - Pre-orders closed. News updates coming shortly (good news). Thank you.

All Pre-Orders are secure.

SM.04 BRUMMBÄR focuses on Tamiya's excellent 1/35 Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV (Späte Prod) in order to showcase the updated build, alongside the latest painting and weathering techniques/products for the expansive world of WWII German armor.

The model will represent a final version of the Befelhsturmpanzer IV and includes chapters with how-to's on construciton, adding new weld beads, detail updates, replicating rolled steel texture, multiple layers of paint/chipping/camo/worn whotewash -- including finishing 3 different track types (Kit vinyl tracks & link-to-link & metal).


Extensive Painting & Weathering chapters for both main model and stowage, designed to raise the standard for acheiving world-class results with the culmination of many new ideas and techniques are shown working in concert together to acheive the final result.

SM.04 Features 12 video turtorials (QR code accessed), covering each phase of the Brummbär inside the book--you will get to watch the work directly on the project, as it happens, in support of the photos and text on the pages.


SM.04 Specs:
6.5" x 7.5"

NEW > 176-page + 12 Tutorial Videos (3+ hrs in total)

Softcover, SM series linen paper cover stock

Perfect bound, flexible spine to lay open on the bench


SM.04 Contents:

1) The Build (detailed construction)

     QR Video 1 - Weld Beads

     QR Video 2 - Texture & Tarps

2) Painting + Chipping

     QR Video 3 - Primer & Paint (w/Chipping)
     QR Video 4 - Camo Paint (w/Chipping)

     QR Video 5 - Whitewash (w/Mapping & Chipping)

3) Tracks & Road Wheels (special multiple-track medium painting chapter)

    QR Video 6 - Road Wheels (Rubber & Steel Wheels)

    QR Video 7 - Track Painting (Kit, Modelkasten, Friul)

4) Drybrushing & Stowage

    QR Video 8 - Drybrushing

    QR Video 9 - Painting Stowage

5) OPR Weathering

    QR Video 10 - OPR

6) Pigments Weathering

    QR Video 11 - Pigments+Tracks

7) Final Elements

    QR Video 12 - Final Elements + Gallery


Pre-Order item. All orders are secured and will ship in time we received them first, oldest to newest. Thank you!


SM.04 Brummbär (Pre-Order Closed/Printing)

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