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US ISBN 978-0-9883363-6-0


SM.04 - Update Sep 28 - SM04 is on press and will be completed in a few weeks times. Samples will be at SMC Eindhoven Oct. 14-15. Pre-order shipping will begin once recevied from the printer (est late-Oct), stay tuned for newsletter updates.

All Pre-Orders are secure. 

Part 1&2 Preview - Live Stream reveals of SM.04 on -- Ep 83 & 84

Special Note -- Scan the QR code on page 30 with your mobile camera to watch a short demo of the new tutorial videos included with SM.04. There will be 12 videos included with the book covering all major phases of this project, watching the author work on the Stupa! (details below).

SM.04 BRUMMBÄR focuses on Tamiya's excellent 1/35 Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV (Späte Prod) in order to showcase the updated build, alongside the latest painting and weathering techniques/products for the expansive world of WWII German armor.

The model will represent a final veriosn Befelhsturmpaner IV and includes detailed build chapters with how-to's on weld beads, replicating rolled steel texture, plus finishing 3 unique track types (Kit vinyl tracks + link-to-link + metal).


Plus, extensive Painting & Weathering chapters for both main model and stowage, which will raise the standard for acheiving world-class results with the culmination of many new ideas and techqniues are shown working in concert together.

Feature 12 video turtorials (QR code accessed), covering each phase of the project. Note, these are of the model inside the book, you will get to watch the author work directly on the project as it happens.


SM.04 Specs:
6.5" x 7.5"

NEW > 176-page + 12 Tutorial Videos (3+ hrs in total)

Softcover + All new book jacket

Perfect bound


SM.04 Contents:

1) The Build (detailed construction)

     QR Video 1 - Weld Beads

     QR Video 2 - Texture & Tarps

2) Painting + Chipping

     QR Video 3 - Primer & Paint (w/Chipping)
     QR Video 4 - Camo Paint (w/Chipping)

     QR Video 5 - Whitewash (w/Mapping & Chipping)

3) Tracks & Road Wheels (special multiple-track medium painting chapter)

    QR Video 6 - Road Wheels (Rubber & Steel Wheels)

    QR Video 7 - Track Painting (Kit, Modelkasten, Friul)

4) Drybrushing & Stowage

    QR Video 8 - Drybrushing

    QR Video 9 - Painting Stowage

5) OPR Weathering

    QR Video 10 - OPR

6) Pigments Weathering

    QR Video 11 - Pigments+Tracks

7) Final Elements

    QR Video 12 - Final Elements + Gallery


Pre-Order item. Original Pre-orders ship first, followed by group #2.


SM.04 Brummbär (Pre-Order)

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$26.96Sale Price
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