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US ISBN: 978-1-7372591-2-1


SM.04 - Update May 24  - SM04 pre-order shipping underway, most international books are delivered. Working thru the US pre-orders, please remain patient as we catch up. Shipments from our EU printer have been slow to arrive. More are arrivng weekly and will ensure all pre-ordes are successfully filled. 

*Orders currently closed until pre-order shipping completed. Once complete, the book will go back in-stock for normal purchasing. Est. July 2024. Thank you!

SM.04 BRUMMBÄR focuses on Tamiya's excellent 1/35 Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV (Späte Prod) showcase an updated build, alongside the latest painting and weathering techniques/products for the expansive world of WWII German armor.

The model will represent a final version of the Befelhsturmpanzer IV and includes chapters with how-to's on construciton, adding new weld beads, detail updates, replicating rolled steel texture, multiple layers of paint/chipping/camo/worn whotewash -- including finishing 3 different track types (Kit vinyl tracks & link-to-link & metal).


Extensive Painting & Weathering chapters for both main model and stowage, designed to raise the standard for acheiving world-class results with the culmination of many new ideas and techniques are shown working in concert together to acheive the final result.

SM.04 New Features > 12 video turtorials (QR code accessed), covering each phase of the Brummbär inside the book--you will get to watch the work directly on the project, as it happens, in support of the photos and text on the pages.


SM.04 Specs:
6.5" x 7.5"

NEW > 176-page + 12 Tutorial Videos (3+ hrs in total)

Softcover linen cover stock

Perfect bound


SM.04 Contents:

1) The Build (detailed construction)

     QR Video 1 - Weld Beads

     QR Video 2 - Texture & Tarps

2) Painting + Chipping

     QR Video 3 - Primer & Paint (w/Chipping)
     QR Video 4 - Camo Paint (w/Chipping)

     QR Video 5 - Whitewash (w/Mapping & Chipping)

3) Tracks & Road Wheels (special multiple-track medium painting chapter)

    QR Video 6 - Road Wheels (Rubber & Steel Wheels)

    QR Video 7 - Track Painting (Kit, Modelkasten, Friul)

4) Drybrushing & Stowage

    QR Video 8 - Drybrushing

    QR Video 9 - Painting Stowage

5) OPR Weathering

    QR Video 10 - OPR

6) Pigments Weathering

    QR Video 11 - Pigments+Tracks

7) Final Elements

    QR Video 12 - Final Elements + Gallery


SM.04 Brummbär (Pre-Order Currently Shipping)

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