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NEW - Limited Ed - 50 copies
Signed & Number (example, 1 of 50)

20"x40" (51cm x 102cm)
Premium Paper Stock

Note - shipped from US separately in a hard cardboard poster tube.


Tiger 1 - TA1 - Only you and the brush.

Printer mini-poster samples shown above

RSP's overwhelmingly popular 2023 Instagram advertising campaign turned into printed reality. Due to the high demand, we are offering these as printed 20"x40" posters for your wall. Extremely limited. First 4 posters selected by RSP Patreon, join now to help choose the next printings!

First up in the first printing group is the famous Tiger 1  - Only you and the brush. A mantra approriate for all of us.

RSP Ad Poster / TA1-1

SKU: TA1-1 Poster
$44.95 Regular Price
$42.70Sale Price
Expected shipping in Nov
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