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Modeling Support System-86

RSP in partnership with Asunarow Model 
Made in Japan

Limited Ed. ©2023

The Painting Base HW comes with the optional paint tray and metal cups included. This special base holder is designed for secure attachment of your model to a helping hand for construciton and painting needs. The stable flat base is suitable for 1/72-1/35 armor models in particular, however it can be easily adapted for other similar size models.

The RSP signature line from Asunarow Model is defined by the snow white colorway with special Japanese-edition logos engraved on the sides.

175mm x 110mm x 90mm (6 7/8" x 4 1/4" x 3 5/8")

Assembly is required*
Laser-cut MDF panels are easy to assemble with CA glue recommneded. Please use the assembly video to support the written instructions. (Japanese and English language captions).

Painting Base HW

SKU: RS1-Painting Base HW
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